Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Time Warner starts Bandwidth Cap on subscribers

http://news. yahoo. com/s/nf/20080603/bs_nf/60098

Read that news story. Yep the war has begun. Now the major conglomerate that you are already paying is now telling you how much you can use the internet. If this is allowed the consequences will not be pretty folks.

Speak up and tell TIME WARNER that if they institute this new plan that you will switch to another provider. It is a simple as that. you will not have your internet usage capped and controlled. They need to be told NOW before this is put in place everywhere that their business will suffer if they do it.

Here is the page of Contact info for TIME WARNER. Start hitting them with emails and phone calls NOW.

http://www. timewarner. com/corp/contacts_support. html


Before we all are paying out the ass because we've been capped out of our usage of the net and only the most rich and elite can afford to use it.

Here are Phone Numbers you can call at Time Warner to tell them of your displeasure and intent to go to another company if they are going with this plan.

Contact Info:
Time Warner Cable Corporate Communications
Mark Harrad
(203) 328-0613

Maureen Huff
(203) 328-4807

Time Warner Cable Investor Relations
Tom Robey
(203) 351-2015

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